Rainbow Magic Rainbow Fairies Book #2: Amber the Orange Fairy

Rainbow Magic Rainbow Fairies Book #2: Amber the Orange Fairy

By: Daisy Meadows

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Join friends Rachel and Kirsty as they rescue Amber the Orange Fairy in this chapter book from the best-selling Rainbow Magic series!

After learning of the villainous Jack Frost’s plan to take away all the color from Fairyland, best friends Kirsty and Rachel set out to rescue the Rainbow Fairies scattered across Rainspell Island. They have found Ruby the Red Fairy, but can they find Amber the Orange Fairy while avoiding Jack Frost and his goblins? With age-appropriate text, a magical story, and illustrations throughout, this chapter book is perfect for kids who are starting to read independently.

Get to know the Rainbow Magic series!
With more than 40 million titles of the Rainbow Magic series sold worldwide, this beloved children’s series is back with a fresh new look and ready for a new audience. Experience the friendship and adventures in Fairyland with these fantastic, introductory illustrated chapter books. This wonderfully engaging series features highly accessible stories, simple language, and black-and-white illustrations, perfect for newly independent readers. A fan favorite for decades, the series has thousands of positive reviews attesting to the fact that the Rainbow Magic series turned their child into a confident and dedicated reader.

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Silver Dolphin Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Simon & Schuster

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