101 Tips for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

101 Tips for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

By: Kathryn Kellogg

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Forty percent of all food produced in the US is wasted—the author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is here with solutions!

Kathryn Kellogg is taking her accessible tips for a zero-waste lifestyle and focusing on the heart of the house. Our kitchens can produce a shocking amount of waste and, even though food scraps may seem harmless, they can’t properly decompose in a landfill. What’s more: wasting food can strain your wallet. The average American family of four will lose $1,500 annually on food waste. It’s time to turn things around!

101 Tips for a Zero Waste Kitchen is your guide to reducing waste in your kitchen. Kathryn will teach you how to buy in bulk, avoid unnecessary packaging, upcycle jars, and more. Plus, she’ll give you recipes that make use of your scraps: preserve your lemon peels for extra flavor, create simple syrup from strawberry tops, and revive shriveled mushrooms. With a little work and Kathryn in your corner, you’ll have the tools you need to reach the ultimate goal: no produce left behind!

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