How to Catch a Snowman


How to Catch a Snowman The item is on order and may take two weeks to arrive in our shop.

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series comes a new How to Catch book for kids!

Fans of the hilariously fun How to Catch a Mermaid and How to Catch a Dinosaur books will absolutely love this new winter adventure! Our heroes' entry for the snowman contest has magically come to life—and ran away! Can YOU help catch it? Get ready for snow much fun as you travel through a winter wonderland with running, skating, and bouncing through trap after trap to catch the snowman and claim the winning prize. Will the snowman teach our heroes a lesson they'll never forget? Who snows!

I don't thumpity-thump or give warm hugs—
that's for my snowman friends to do.
Clever kids will try to trap me,
but who will catch me...YOU?

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