The Gifts

From widely acclaimed, award-winning author Liz Hyder: A story of intrigue, deception, and faith emerges as the lives of four women--two of them with wings--intersect with one ambitious, obsessive surgeon

Set in 1840, The Gifts opens with a young woman in agony, staggering alone through a forest in the English countryside as a huge pair of wings emerge from her shoulders. Meanwhile, when rumors of a "fallen angel" cause a frenzy across Victorian London, a surgeon desperate for fame and fortune finds himself in the grips of a dangerous obsession, one that will place the women he seeks in the most terrible danger. . . THE GIFTS is an astonishing novel, a spellbinding tale told through five different perspectives and set against the luminous backdrop of nineteenth century London, it explores science, nature and religion, enlightenment, the role of women in society and the dark danger of ambition.