By: Jo Barrett

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Discover how changing the way you cook and eat can make a difference to the world around us with Sustain: Thirty Dishes That Could Save The Planet. Featuring 80 recipes across 30 meals, this inspiring, beautifully photographed cookbook shows how mastering simple “skill builders” such as fermenting, preserving, brining and pickling can lead to a more sustainable kitchen. Cooking simple dishes such as glazed mushroom skewers, stuffed potato cakes, red pepper pasta and venison pie will not only taste delicious but have a long-lasting impact for future generations. Learn about alternative ingredients such as tigernuts – nut-, gluten- and dairy-free tubers high in protein and fiber – which can be transformed into a showstopping, four ingredient cake with seasonal fruit. Written by chef and sustainability champion Jo Barrett, from the team who created the ground-breaking eco-house FutureFoodSystem, Sustain provides innovative, achievable solutions to empower readers to be creative with their cooking, connect with their food system, and help save the planet.

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Hardie Grant - Chronicle Books

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