The Vegan Bridge

The Vegan Bridge

By: Romain Avril (CA), Richelle Tablang (CA)

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For the meat-eater looking to incorporate vegetarian options into their repertoire; for the novice chef trying to develop new techniques; for the home cook who wants to dazzle with recipes that are bold, flavourful, and totally unique French-trained chefs Romain Avril and Richelle Tablang want to introduce you to The Vegan Bridge.

From simple snacks and sides that add a vegan twist to a flexible meal, to showstopping vegan mains that will enthrall vegetarians and omnivores alike, Romain and Richelle demonstrate how incorporating vegan meals into everyday life can be done easily, without sacrificing taste or presentation.

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Whitecap Books Ltd.

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)


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