Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?

Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?

By: Etta Kaner (CA)

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A fun, factual, interactive exploration of how animals stay cool in hot weather, for ages 4 to 8

Do koalas run through sprinklers? Do ants sit in front of air conditioners? No! But in ultra-hot weather, animals and humans alike have adopted creative ways to beat the heat. From lizards that dance to keep their feet cool, to elephants that use their ears like fans, this funny and informative book reveals how animals adapt to survive warm weather.

Written in question-and-answer format and featuring playful imagery, this summery sequel to Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? encourages discussion and laughter. Questions and fun facts are paired with comical illustrations of animals trying human tactics to keep cool. Funny and accessible phrasing makes each animal adaptation easy to understand and will spark curiosity in STEM learning.

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Owlkids Books

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Hardback | With printed dust jacket

UTP Distribution

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