The COVID Journals

This diverse collection is the first book in which a broad range of Canadian health care workers from across the country recount their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some pieces reflect on the strange pertinence of today’s headlines with those of the past; others use humour, art, and the power of narrative to offer a glimpse of how disorienting it is when to help is to put oneself at risk, when care itself is redefined from moment to moment. The COVID Journals is for health care workers and their families, for readers curious about “health care heroes,” and for all of us affected by the pandemic. Contributors: Ewan Affleck, Sarah-Taïssir Bencharif, Manisha Bharadia, Christopher Blake, Candace de Taeye, Arundhati Dhara, Paul Dhillon, Liam Durcan, Monica Dutt, Sarah Fraser, David Gratzer, Jillian Horton, Andrew Howe, Monica Kidd, Jaime Lenet, Pam Lenkov, Susan Lilker, Jennifer Moore, Shane Neilson, Kacper Niburski, Elizabeth Niedra, Margaret Nowaczyk, Rory O’Sullivan, Tolu Oloruntoba, Nick Pimlott, Angela Simmonds, Tanas Sylliboy, Helen Tang, Bobby Taylor, Tharshika Thangarasa, Diana Toubassi, Shan Wang, Marisa Webster, Chadwick Williams, Dolly Williams, Jiameng Xu.