The Griffin Gate

Bestselling author Vashti Hardy transports us to a world like no other in a steampunk, fantasy adventure with family at its heart. For years Grace's family have been wardens of the Griffin map, using its teleport technology to help people and fight crime across the land of Moreland. At thirteen, Grace is too young become a warden, but she longs to go on missions herself. After all, if her brother Bren can do it, why can't she? So when Grace finds herself alone with the map when a distress call comes in, she jumps at the chance to prove she's up to the task. But the map transports Grace to a remote village where nothing is quite as it seems. Has she landed right in the middle of a treacherous scheme? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers ages 8 and up. 8-12 FICTION (Ages 8-12) Interest Age: 8-12 Reading Age: 8 The 8-12 imprint from Barrington Stoke is a brilliant list of short novels from high profile authors designed to be entertaining and accessible for ages 8-12. At approx. 5,000-10,000 words and with a Reading Age of 8, they're designed to help older children build reading stamina and a greater confidence in their abilities. They offer an exciting mix of genres, feature black and white illustrations to accompany the narrative, and include dyslexia-friendly design features.