It's Them, Not You

It's Them, Not You

By: Josh Connolly

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'A supportive and practical roadmap' - NICOLE LEPERA

'Deeply validating' - EMMA REED TURRELL

'Blood is thicker than water'
'You'll miss them when they're gone'
'You can't choose your family'

How many times have you heard that family is sacred, even when your reality is different? It's Them, Not You smashes the false narrative that family is everything.

Equipping you with a deeper understanding of toxic family dynamics, resilience and wellbeing coach Josh Connolly will validate your experience and provide the tools you need to deal with emotionally immature parents and family members.

It's Them, Not You offers a pathway to heal your inner child and break free from past trauma. Whether your solution is to go 'no contact', place new boundaries or reconnect with community, this book is the ultimate handbook to help get unstuck and heal from the strongest wounds.

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Publisher name:
Random House UK

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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