Modern South Asian Kitchen

Don’t keep those spices in the back of the storecupboard for a special occasion or a particular recipe. Introduce them into your daily repertoire. Make a sense of occasion every day to max out the enjoyment of cooking and eating.
Sabrina Gidda showcases a fascinating collection of recipes—from traditional, authentic South Asian dishes passed down the generations to contemporary recipes that marry the East and the West in culinary harmony. Enjoy Tempered Spiced Slaw or Curry and Lime Leaf Fritters, savour Pork Keema with Lettuce Cups or Methi Chicken Kyiv, and create Spicy Chai Shortbread or a Cardamom Custard Tart for a perfectly balanced sweet treat.
In her striking recipes, Sabrina brings a sense of the past (comforting, nostalgic South Asian recipes), the present (accessible, adapted recipes that nod to our time-poor, modern lives) and the future (a legacy of unique recipes that are influenced by a Western audience).
This cookbook gives testament to the dishes her mother and grandmother used to cook as well as celebrating the women in towns around the UK creating dishes from the Indian subcontinent to feed and nourish their local communities—a phenomenon that blossomed during the pandemic. Sabrina weaves the stories and recipes from eight fascinating "aunties" into the book, complementing her own recipes and creating a joyful celebration of how food connects people, bringing together communities, families, and friends.