The Fill-In A to Z of You and Me: For Mom

The Fill-In A to Z of You and Me: For Mom

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Show your mom how much you cherish the unique relationship between you with this fill-in book, perfect for Mother's Day or birthday gift-giving!

Featuring a spread for each letter of the alphabet, this gift book encourages you to fill in the blanks with a word or phrase representing the one-of-a-kind relationship you share with your mom. Whether A is for "Always there when I call," B is for "Best dressed," or C is for "the Crush you told me was a jerk," this completely customizable mom journal is full of opportunities to let your mother know just how much she means to you.

A wonderful gift from daughter, son, or siblings creating a group gift, this is perfect for Mother's Day, birthday, or anytime there's an urge to remind mom how awesome she is.

A UNIQUE AND HEARTFELT GIFT: It can be challenging to find gifts for mom, and many lack the personal touch that makes them feel special. This fill-in book is the most personalized a gift can get, with 26 opportunities to reflect on the relationship with your mom that is unlike any other!

CUSTOMIZABLE, AFFORDABLE, AND EASY: Customized gifts are touching but often take months to order and prepare. With The Fill-in A to Z of You and Me, you can curate a personalized gift in no time. Whether sentimental, funny, or a little of both, the gift you create is sure to make mom smile.

DELUXE KEEPSAKE: A beautifully crafted volume with foil and full-color images throughout, this hardcover what-I-love-about-mom book makes the perfect gift to fill in now and treasure for years to come.

Perfect for:
  • Mother's Day and birthday gift shoppers
  • Children of any age looking for a timeless gift for mom
  • Group gift from siblings
  • Pairing with a photo album or other precious memory gifts

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Chronicle Books

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Raincoast Book Distribution Limited

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