Unholy: Tales of Horror and Woe from the Imperium

Spine-chilling stories from the rich Worlds of Warhammer.

Amid the bloody wars, cults and tyrants of the Imperium, a far quieter horror lurks. Valgaast is an entity that compels and corrupts. Darker than the pits of hell, incomprehensible as death, it seeps into the hearts and minds of those weakened by misfortune.

A premature heiress grieving the loss of her family. A bleak man of faith with unquenchable desires. A woman whose broken memories replay terrible violence. A little town left to rot in a sun-scorched wasteland. In this chilling collection of Warhammer Horror fiction, Valgaast claims the victims of this vast and lonely universe, and, with malicious intent, pushes them to their limits.

This omnibus edition collects together the novels The Oubliette by J C Stearns, Sepulturum by Nick Kyme, The Deacon of Wounds by David Annandale and The Bookkeeper’s Skull by Justin D Hill.