Mike Hammer - Baby, It's Murder

Mike Hammer - Baby, It's Murder

By: Mickey Spillane

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Mike Hammer’s deadly final adventure challenges everything we knew about the enduring noir detective in this gripping finale with a shocking twist.

The concluding Hammer novel begins with a 21st century funeral before flashing back to summer, 1970.

Six years after the events of Dig Two Graves, Hammer takes another unlikely vacation—this time on Long Island to help look after his partner Velda Sterling’s seventeen-year-old sibling, Willa.

Willa must deal with the attention of two boys vying for her affection—Hammer preferring the good kid from a wealthy family over the long-haired doper with an Easy Rider vibe. When Willa gets hooked on heroin, Hamm—filled with contempt for dope dealers—goes on a rampage. He will find the man behind the drug racket and teach him what shooting up is all about.

But a final resolution awaits him in the future at that funeral....

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Penguin Random House

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