Alien: Seventh Circle

Alien: Seventh Circle

By: Phillippa Ballantine, Clara Carija

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As human colonies are obliterated by the dark pathogen and hideous monstrosities proliferate, a family of scavengers find an amnesiac who may hold the secrets to the forces tearing apart the galaxy.

Life amongst the stars is brutal. Human colonies are being obliterated by a dark pathogen launched from mysterious ships, which turns whole populations into hordes of ravenous monsters. And no one knows what happened to the Jackals, the cadre of soldiers hunting down the perpetrators of these atrocities.

When a family of scavengers recover the amnesiac Mae Hendricks amongst the wreckage of an unidentified ship, they bring a world of pain down on themselves and the civilians of Guelph Station. Mae doesn’t know where she is from or her true nature, nor that she is being hunted by vicious adversaries.

Mae’s past could reveal the conspiracy that is tearing the galaxy apart, but may well unleash a tide of snarling terrors...

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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