Facts of Life: Growing Up

Facts of Life: Growing Up

By: Sam James Alice Baer

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This book explains puberty in a simple, clear and friendly way, with cartoony artwork and diagrams. Designed to help reassure readers that what they're going through is normal, whether that's coping with a changing body, mood swings, new emotions and even questions about their sexuality and identity. The writing and art style, and the level of detail given in each topic, has been tailored to be suitable for kids aged 8-11, who most likely haven't started puberty yet. Topics covered include: growing taller, getting hairier, bras, periods, shaving, all about vaginas, vulvas and penises, sex, sexuality, love, relationships, friendships, hormones, looking after yourself, staying safe and keeping healthy - written with expert input from sex educators and gender specialists.

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Usborne Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

HarperCollins Canada

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