The Murder on the Links

The Murder on the Links

By: Agatha Christie

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A malformation of the grey cells may coincide quite easily with the face of a Madonna. - Poirot

In the second outing of Hercule Poirot, the world-famous Belgian detective is called to France. Upon his arrival, he discovers the body of his client Paul Roland lying in a freshly dug grave on the golf course. Inspector Giraud of the Paris Sûreté believes he knows who is responsible - but something doesn't add up. Only Poirot is able to avoid the traps and red herrings laid by the killer, and it will take all his brilliance to solve this shocking murder.

Agatha Christie is the most enduringly popular writers from the golden age of crime fiction. Full of wit, intrigue and clever twists, Murder on the Links is Christie at her best.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Agatha Christie Classics presents this best-loved author's earliest mystery novels, brought to you with striking new cover designs.

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Arcturus Publishing Limited

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Paperback / softback


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