M Is For Moose

By: Charles Pachter (CA)

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One of Canada’s leading visual artists, Charles Pachter, adds a Canadian twist to the alphabet book with his M is for Moose, a delightful and unexpected take on a form we thought we knew well.

Combining words and images, M is for Moose is both visually stunning and full of fun. It includes images from Pachter’s portfolio of famous paintings, including Joy Ride, with the Queen on a moose, and a young Margaret Atwood with flaming red hair. Covering the iconic to the playful, it celebrates our country, history, and culture while offering a spirited lesson in the ABCs.

An icon himself, Pachter’s work is collected globally. His M is for Moose is destined to become a classic of Canadian children’s literature.

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Cormorant Books Inc.

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