Brain Benders

Brain Benders

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Are you ready to challenge and bend your mind to think in different ways? Do your eyes deceive you, they most probably will with these amazing optical illusions. There are puzzles and brain benders here that will get you thinking and get your mind buzzing! Be prepared to stre-e-e-etch your powers of deduction and to use your imagination. Use everything you have and all of your skills to…

  • step through a piece of paper
  • see colors that change… but wait a minute, do they?
  • crack codes and answer riddles
  • work out how to turn a circle into a square

…and lots more brain bending fun.

Devised by an expert on brain training. These mental challenges, visual tricks, conundrums and lateral thinking tasks, will certainly give your brain a good work-out, and increase your powers of imagination and logic. It’s all win-win though, with handy tips to help if you need them and the full answers and explanations too!

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