Climate Change, The Choice is Ours

Climate Change, The Choice is Ours

By: David Miles

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  • From the creative team behind "The Interactive Constitution"
  • One of the first children's books to fully explain the science behind climate change to a young audience (most offer cute stories that only touch on the issue)
  • Discusses the science of climate, Earth's climate history, the greenhouse effect, and emissions, plus weather, agriculture, deforestation, oceans, disease, and other ways climate change impacts the world
  • Gentle but real—it doesn't dodge the tough questions
  • Filled with hope! Kids will finish reading feeling empowered and hopeful about the earth's future
  • Profiles famous kids from around the world fighting climate change, including Greta Thunberg, Xiye Bastida, David Wickerman, and more!
  • Packed with facts, illustrations, and activities
  • Vetted by award-winning AP Environmental Science teacher

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Bushel & Peck Books

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