Sweet Home Volume 2

Sweet Home Volume 2

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All alone at the end of the world. The second volume of the webcomic that inspired the hit apocalyptic horror K-drama on Netflix, now in print for the first time in English.

Orphaned after a sudden family tragedy, reclusive high school student Hyun Cha is forced to leave his home and move into an apartment complex. Anxious and depressed, he distracts himself with video games, but reality becomes impossible to ignore after a mysterious phenomenon sweeps through the city. Everywhere, people are turning into vicious monsters with an insatiable hunger—and one of the affected lives right next door. Now, Hyun must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to stay alive and try to save the world.

This volume collects Chapters 11-20 of the Webtoon comic Sweet Home, in which Hyun begins to arm himself and join forces with his neighbors for the fight against the monsters.

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