The Ultimate '90s Cocktail Playlist

The Ultimate '90s Cocktail Playlist

By: Henry Barajas, Cassandra Reeder

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Everybody drink now! Lyrics and Libations mixes booze and music with over 70 cocktails based on all your favorites ’90s hits, like "Vogue," "Loser," and "Baby One More Time."

Pour yourself a tall glass of musical memories with Lyrics and Libations! This colorful cocktail book is brimming with drinks for every mood and genre, featuring some of the greatest artists and memorable songs of the ’90s.

Every recipe is inspired by a chart-topping hit of the decade, and includes trivia and stories. With Lyrics and Libations as your guide, your guests will be drenched in drinks and nostalgia before they can say “Here we are now—entertain us!”

70+ COLORFUL COCKTAILS: From party drinks to nightcaps, enjoy over seventy musically-inspired cocktails

GET READY FOR THIS: There’s a drink for every kind of music-lover! Craft cocktails based on dance music, hip-hop, R&B, grunge, metal, and more

YOU OUGHTA KNOW: Dive into the history of your favorite ’90’s hits as you mix their cocktails

MIXING IN THE NAME: Step-by-step instructions make it easy to craft these delicious, and nostalgic, mixed drinks

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