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"Don't let them kill me."

These are the first words spoken by elderly patient Helga Klemens to the transporter arriving to take her down for a simple hip surgery. Luke assures the frightened woman no one is going to harm her, chalking the bizarre declaration up to nerves and medication issues. After safely delivering her to the O.R., Luke's final words to Helga are, "Don't worry. You'll be fine," unaware she will be dead within the hour.

On the same Sunday afternoon, newspaper reporter Jennifer Malone is looking into the case of a John Doe residing in the hospital's morgue. Once her interview with the coroner is complete, Jennifer is stopped by a distraught Luke and his security guard girlfriend, Maryanne, who are both shocked at the news of Helga's untimely death.

Over the following five fast-paced days, Jennifer will use all of her investigative skills to determine exactly what happened in the O.R. However, when a second unidentified body washes ashore, Jennifer's attention is sidetracked wondering if there's a serial killer on the loose. Could the three seemingly unrelated deaths be linked?

Abandoned is populated by memorable characters, each caught in a web of lies, unaware the secrets they hold may result in a life or death struggle for someone they love.

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