Native American Tales and Legends


This exciting collection contains more than thirty richly imaginative stories from a variety of Native American sources — Cherokee to Zuñi, Pawnee to Midu — covering a broad spectrum of subjects, as well as tales of little people, giants, and monsters, and of magic, enchantment, sorcery, and the spirit world.
Readers will find stories telling how the earth, people, and bison were created and how fire was discovered, while others introduce the hero Glooscap and the Maiden of the Yellow Rocks. Still other traditional tales tell of the troubles Rabbit's boastfulness got him into, and about the clever ways Little Blue Fox managed to escape from Coyote.
Among the stories in this collection are "The White Stone Canoe" (Chippewa), "Raven Pretends to Build a Canoe" (Tsimshian), "The Theft from the Sun" (Blackfoot), "The Loon's Necklace" (Iroquois), "The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting" (Cherokee), "The Coyote" (Pueblo), and "The Origin of the Buffalo and of Corn" (Cheyenne). Young people will delight in these tales, as will any reader interested in Native American stories or folklore in general.

Table of Contents

How the Earth Began (Maidu)
Old Man Makes the Land and the People (Blackfoot)
The Origin of Daylight (Tsimshian)
The Four Winds (Iroquois)
How the Tribes Began (Choctaw)
The Discovery of Fire (Mohawk)
The Origin of the Buffalo and of Corn (Cheyenne)
"Mon-daw-min, or The Origin of Indian Corn (Ojibwa)"
The Origin of Wampum (Onondaga)
The Origin of the Medicine Pipe (Blackfoot)
"Scarface, or The Origin of the Medicine Lodge (Blackfoot)"
The First False Face (Seneca)
Journeys to the Sky
"Iosco, or The Prairie Boys' Visit to the Sun and Moon (Ottawa)
Glooscap and The Three Seekers of Gifts (Micmac)
The Boy Who Saw A-ti-us (Pawnee)
"The Star Family, or The Celestial Sisters (Shawnee)"
The Moqui Boy and the Eagle (Pueblo)
The Hermit Thrush (Iroquois)
Men and Women
The Rabbit Huntress and Her Adventures (Zuñi)
The White Stone Canoe (Chippewa)
The Moose Wife (Seneca)
The Origin of Strawberries (Cherokee)
The Maiden of the Yellow Rocks (Zuñi)
"The Story of Minkudawogoosk, The Moosewood Man (Micmac)"
The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting (Cherokee)
The Coyotte (Pueblo)
Raven Pretends to Build a Canoe (Tsimshian)
"Manstin, the Rabbit (Dakota)"
The Loon's Necklace (Iroquois)
The Origin of the Medicine Society (Seneca)
"Transformations, Sorcery, and the Supernatural"
The Mouse's Children (Cheyenne)
The Theft from the Sun (Blackfoot)
The Dun Horse (Pawnee)